about() Print version, author and documentation information.
parseModel(modelDescription) Create model from text description.
setVerboseExceptions(verbose) Set the verbosity of exception handling.

Model classes

MuMoTmodel() Model class.

View classes

Inheritance diagram of mumot.views
MuMoTview(model, controller[, figure, params]) A view on a model.
MuMoTmultiView(controller, model, views, …) Multi-view view.
MuMoTtimeEvolutionView(model, controller, …) Time evolution view on model including state variables and noise.
MuMoTintegrateView(*args, **kwargs) Numerical solution of ODEs plot view on model.
MuMoTnoiseCorrelationsView(model, …[, …]) Noise correlations around fixed points plot view on model.
MuMoTfieldView(model, controller, …[, …]) Field view on model.
MuMoTvectorView(model, controller, …[, …]) Vector plot view on model.
MuMoTstreamView(model, controller, …[, …]) Stream plot view on model.
MuMoTbifurcationView(model, controller, …) Bifurcation view on model.
MuMoTstochasticSimulationView(model, …[, …]) Stochastic-simulations-view view.
MuMoTmultiagentView(model, controller, SSParams) Agent on networks view on model.
MuMoTSSAView(model, controller, SSParams[, …]) View for computational simulations of the Gillespie algorithm to approximate the Master Equation solution.

Controller classes

Inheritance diagram of mumot.controllers
MuMoTcontroller(paramValuesDict[, …]) Controller for a model view.
MuMoTbifurcationController(paramValuesDict) Controller to enable Advanced options widgets for bifurcation view.
MuMoTtimeEvolutionController(paramValuesDict) Controller class to enable Advanced options widgets for simulation of ODEs and time evolution of noise correlations.
MuMoTstochasticSimulationController(**kwargs) Controller for stochastic simulations (base class of MuMoTmultiagentController).
MuMoTmultiagentController(**kwargs) Controller for multiagent views.
MuMoTmultiController(controllers[, params, …]) Multi-view controller.

Exception classes

Inheritance diagram of mumot.exceptions
MuMoTError Class to report MuMoT-specific errors.
MuMoTValueError Class to report MuMoT-specific errors arising from incorrect input.
MuMoTSyntaxError Class to report MuMoT-specific errors arising from incorrectly-structured input.